Wellness Background: I'm a seasoned holistic health practitioner, entrepreneur and advisor. My focus since 2012 has been owning Pandora's Pops (holistic candy company, incorporating herbs and essential oils). I've been nationally certified as a massage therapist since 1989. From 2001-07, I was director of the Center for Massage & Natural Health (a thriving massage therapy school and clinic in Asheville, NC). I'm a Duke University graduate, with 1500 hours of additional holistic health education. 

Pet Care Background: A natural animal lover, I've petsat or boarded dogs nearly continuously since 2012. My main home is in NYC (East Village, Manhattan), but I have traveled and petsat regularly through California especially. My petsitting style was featured in the New York Post, NY1 "In the Papers," and on the Curtis and Cosby live radio show in August 2018. I'm a block from the Tompkins Square Dog Park and love bringing dogs there but am also comfortable with less social ones. Before traveling so much, I always had pets of my own. Now I am "favorite aunt" to a regular rotation of animals and am often compared to Mary Poppins for pets.

Personality/Skills: I'm known for reliability, confidentiality, helping sick animals gain an appetite, administering medication, wearing restless dogs out with relentless fetch, and taking candid pet pictures. I have over 100 5-star reviews on Airbnb, 19 5-star reviews on Rover and 15 5-star reviews on Trusted Housesitters. With my holistic health background, communication skills and sense of responsibility, I've been able to help with pets with special medical needs and senior animals, cases where pet owners often don't feel comfortable leaving home. I also can take care of plants and maintain positive relations with neighbors, although I do prefer a quiet life at home. I have held down the fort for a home above Napa Valley, CA during fire season. 

Safety: I'm triple-dose vaccinated and covid-careful (but no longer wear masks outside or with trusted friends inside). I have air filters in all the rooms. My apartment is pet-safe and relatively small, so I can pay attention to pets constantly throughout the day, even as I move between rooms. I am careful about which guests I invite over, if any. No other pets will be joining us during your pet's stay. I watch them carefully while at the dog park and street, as they interact with other dogs. I also am careful that they don't "snack" on street-finds while we walk.